About Us

In 1992, the founder Benson Williams had a vision to create a line of premium sportswear. The brand would stand for racial equality and racial harmony. He also wanted the world to know that this brand which would represent positivity in the world was created by a Black man, hence the name I.B. Blackman.

The following I.B. Blackman quote is on back of most of the T-shirts to help spread racial harmony:

"Prejudice, racism, bigotry and supremacy are all strongly related to ignorance. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. So let's educate ourselves, for ignorance will never make this world a better place." - I.B. Blackman

In 1994, I.B. Blackman opened its first flagship store in Beverly Hills, CA which showcased its premium sportswear collection. The collection, which featured the combination of contemporary and classic styles was a huge success. Today, the I.B. Blackman brand is sold online internationally and at selected boutiques. The brand continues to stay true to its roots, passion for quality, stylish design and pride in craftsmanship.